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Performance Tips

Many clients report that they are unhappy with the performance of their computer that once ran well.  This can be caused by many different things.  Here is a partial list of items that may cause performance problems.

  • Too many unneeded background tasks in Startup when the computer boots

  • Minor virus/malware/spyware/adware infection

  • Bad Registry entries

  • Not enough hard drive space to support memory swapping

  • Not enough memory (RAM or Random Access Memory) installed, which also causes overuse of and possibly premature failure of the hard drive. This particular item often occurs as the operating system and application software grows from additional functionality and security updates

  • Certain brands of anti-virus software are known to cause performance degradation

  • Dust & debris build-up on the cooling components inside the computer

  • Older computer hardware that is too slow in performance specifications to support the newer software and operating systems

  • Faulty or weak network connection

  • Major virus/malware/spyware/adware infection that blocks network connectivity and software functionality

Updated 07/12/2012 
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